Act fast—it may be leaving shelves soon.

It feels like just yesterday I was quite literally begging Trader Joe's to bring my favorite seasonal item back. Just over a month ago, I dedicated an entire article to the snack, which is saying something, because I only reserve that honor for the best of the best. But these are the best. If I influence you to buy one thing at Trader Joe's (besides my favorite chickpeas), let it be this. I promise the Patio Potato Chips live up to the hype.

My All-Time Favorite Trader Joe's Snack Is Back

The magic of the Patio Potato Chips lies in the fact that each bag contains not one, but four flavors of chips. Each bag contains a feisty mix of Sea Salt & Vinegar, Delicious Dill, Homestyle Ketchup, and Smokin’ Sweet BBQ. Four flavors means each bite is a little different, and that paired with the mouth-puckering tang in each flavor is enough to keep you coming back for more until the whole bag has suddenly disappeared.

And I'm not the only one who feels this passionately about the seasonal snack. Comments on an Instagram post on a Trader Joe's fan account confirm that sentiment. "These are honest to God one of my all-time favorite TJs products," reads one. "The amount of these I buy and stash for the WHOLE YEAR. My favorite chips!!!," raves another.

As I pointed out in the other article, these are the ideal choice for anyone who stands in the snack aisle, struggling to pick a flavor of chip. Why pick one when you can have all four?! Plus the actual chips are incredible—thick-but-not-too-thick, shatteringly crispy, with loads of the folded chips (or "foldy boys" as I call them) aka the best chips. Are you sold yet?

Are Trader Joe's Patio Potato Chips Already Leaving Shelves?

The chips were first spotted returning to shelves about two weeks ago, and apparently, they're already leaving soon. According to a post on the dedicated Trader Joe's Reddit page, the Patio Potato Chips were only slated to be on shelves through Memorial Day. Some commenters assured others that they still had them stocked in their TJ's locations, but at least two customers in Massachusetts have been told that the chips were done for the season.

I typically see the Patio Potato Chips on shelves throughout most of the summer, between May and August. If you're to believe this post, it would appear their run has been cut down to just under two weeks. And if that's true, I have some formal complaints to file with the corporate decision-makers at TJ's.

So, as is the case with seemingly all deeply beloved seasonal snacks from Trader Joe's, you'd better run—not walk—to your nearest Trader Joe's store if you want to give these a try. I know I'll be stocking up on a few (okay, more than a few) bags before they're gone.

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