With the help of many online services, decorating your home can be a stress-free and enjoyable experience

Decorating your home can be a daunting process, and even worse during the winter months. Tracking through snow, parking, making it to meetings and missing showroom hours are all typical hassles for the wanna-be decorator.

If you’re looking to do some decorating over the winter months, why not do it from the comfort of your easy chair and pajamas?

With the help of many online services, decorating your home can be a stress-free and enjoyable experience during the winter months. Here’s my four-step process for creating the home of your dreams without having to leave home.

Get in the mood

One of the first things I always do when decorating room is put together a mood board – that’s a gathering of images that help create an overall look (or mood) for the space your are decorating.

A storyboard is about dreaming so if you like particular colours, styles or specific looks of rooms or furnishings, add them to your board. Your mood board can be created by clipping magazine images or, done digitally- look for sites like Pinterest to help create folders of digital images.

Lay it out

The practical side of planning a room re-do always starts with a layout of the room. Having measurements at hand will help when getting the right sized furniture, draperies, artwork and carpets. comes in to play.

Create a floor plan of the room and then spend some time laying out furnishings, walkways, rugs etc. I like to make wall plans (similar to a floor plan) so I can layout the height of furnishings, windows, draperies and get the right size of artwork to fill the walls appropriately.

Once you’ve established a layouts, add your lighting plan to ensure that overhead, task and ambient lighting (yes, every room needs all three) are not forgotten. After all, lighting can be out best friend to make a room (and us) look great!

Resource it

One of the easiest ways to find furnishing at home accessories is to shop online at stores that you have previously visited in person as it will be easy to know the quality of the products that you see in photos online.

If you’re shopping a new resource or perhaps an online only retail shop, there’s a few questions to ask:

Does the retailer have an online room planning app so you can pull all their products together and see how they might look in your home?

Do they deliver to your area and what are those exact costs?

How are furnishings packaged for shipping and do they offer ‘white glove delivery service (the delivery people remove all packaging, deliver the furnishings in the room you want and assemble, if necessary?

And most important, what is the return policy and procedures? It’s easy just to know that it can be returned, but what is the procedure for doing so?

One affordable online furniture retailer that has garnered impressive ratings is Quebec-owned NOA Home ( Their website is very consumer friendly and you can schedule an online (via Skype) consultation to get all product and delivery questions answered.

From mattresses, headboards and upholstered furniture, they deliver to your door and have excellent follow up ratings o ensure you make the perfect purchase.

Tie it together

Now that you have your room laid out, furniture and accessories chosen and ordered, it’s time to ensure that the room looks pull together once everything arrives.

Now is the time to start thinking about a paint colour for the walls. You may have thought of it in the planning stages, but with 5000 colours available, it’s smart to wait until near the end.

Now is the time to coordinate a wall colour that helps to show off all of those great furnishings and accessories that will be delivered. Paint colours can be difficult, and the easiest way to choose a colour is to look at what you have chosen in fabrics, carpets and art.

Find a main reoccurring colour and choose an opposite colour on the colour heel. For instance, if gold and brown colours are reoccuring, choose a blue colour to compliment.

Once the room is pulled together, add a few house plants to give your new space some life and put a couple of dimmer switches around the room in order to create ambience.

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