Design aesthetic ‘soothes rather than stimulates’

If you appreciate interior design and want your home to be stylish but not stuffy, an elevated cozy aesthetic might be right for you. In a word, it’s best described as ‘calm.’

“In a world of noise and constant thoughts, worries and anxieties, there is nothing better than getting home and lounging in a space that soothes you rather than stimulates you,” says Tanya Pallopson, founder of Ticking Stripe Design. “Elevated cozy aesthetic means to me the feeling of cozy but the beauty and style of design.”

She specializes in layering textures in the same palette. The name of her interior design company is eponymous for the striped durable cotton fabric that embodies her design philosophy. “It is a bit strange to name your company after a fabric,” says Pallopson.

She was living in Melbourne, Australia when she launched her business and wanted a name that reflected something she loved. “I do love a good stripe!

And when I looked up the meaning of a ‘ticking stripe fabric,’ what stood out to me was that was a fabric that had been used for years. It was a strong sturdy fabric, very practical for everyday use, but still had a style to it. It definitely summed up my philosophy on design: beautiful, comfortable, practical and stands the test of time.”

Ticking Stripe Design is based in Orillia and has completed cottage country projects that include the Touchstone Resort and Muskoka Bay Resort, as well as residential projects.

“I love being in a room that is pleasing to look at with different textures and soothing colours but has a modern, clean look that is stylish,” Pallopson says.

“It is the idea of walking into a room and instantly feeling good about your surroundings, but nothing really stands out. All the pieces are solid, comfortable and soothing and when you really look around, you realize how many different textures and materials there are.”

A family room with an elevated cozy aesthetic, for example, would greet you with a clean, fresh smell. The fabric on the couch is neutral and the chairs across from it feature a stripe that incorporates the colour of the couch and a shade or two of the same neutral hue. The stripe might incorporate a different texture to differentiate it from the other fabrics in the room.

A light-coloured wood coffee table has an unfinished matte look. “It looks like the coffee table has been there for years, yet it is chunky and modern looking still. There are lamps turned on throughout the space, so the room has a soft glow that makes you feel warm and safe.

The rug is a tight weave that feels soft when you walk on it and has soft, muted palette that you don’t notice right away but after sitting and looking at the space you finally pinpoint it,” Pallopson says.

“When you sit down on the beautiful linen-covered sofa, you sink into the seat and get the sense of a warm hug, like you were supposed to be sitting there. It’s soft and comfy but has the support that will allow you to enjoy the space for many years. This is a room that looks inviting, where you feel comfortable enough to sink in and put your feet up, yet has the elegance of an exquisitely designed, high-end space.”

Function is a priority for Pallopson. If her clients don’t feel at home or don’t use the space to their advantage, they won’t appreciate the aesthetic. Though she does a lot of interior design work in cottage country, elevated cozy is distinct from trendy cottage décor, which Pallopson believes has a “kitschy kind of feel” because of its emphasis on cottages, trees, docks, pine and dark wood.

“In my mind, the elevated cozy cottage has a crisper look that is less colour, pattern or labelled ‘lake’ materials and more about the feeling of relaxation. I like to keep the furniture and feeling of the cottage light and bright with the colours of the landscape shining through. I love a room that is bright and cheery during the day and by turning on several lamps can be soft and warm in the evenings.”

How to create an elevated cozy aesthetic

Tanya Pallopson, founder of Ticking Stripe Design, offers tips on how to create an elevated cozy aesthetic:

 Invest in fresh-cut flowers. They add a pop of colour and fresh visuals to a space. Remember to change them out and to maintain them to prevent wilting.

 Add throw pillows and blankets. In addition to keeping you warm and comfortable while watching TV, they lend understated palettes and textures to your space.

 Spruce up your table. An empty table can make a space look impersonal and sparse. Add a centrepiece, placemats, dinnerware and glassware.

 Invest in new bedding. As your most personal space, your bedroom influences how relaxed you feel in your home. Sheets with layered palettes add minimalist visuals.

 Add an area rug. Not only will it make your space look more cohesive and pull everything together, it’s an opportunity to add colourful visuals against a minimalist background.

 Repaint the interiors. A fresh coat of paint keeps your space from looking rundown. Classic neutrals will stand the test of time.

 Update window treatments. Blinds that are functional and aesthetically modern will elevate your space and keep it from looking outdated.

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