Pet owner-guilt is too real. You go out, leave them tucked up in their bed, and spend your whole evening wondering if they’re crying for your return (spoiler alert: likely not).

But, it’s a problem that affects 89% of us, so you’re not alone in crazy cat mum mode.

While many of us have already opted for an indoor camera (so we can spend the entire time watching our pets do literally nothing except sleep), a new takeaway service may have just convinced us to let our pups enjoy their alone time.

Introducing Treataway.

Ring, who are behind the cameras we’re using to spy on our furry friends, have launched the doggy takeout service, so your pooch can enjoy pet-friendly versions of some of the most popular human takeouts.

Nutritious versions of sushi (with sides of steamed dumplings and broth), meat feast pizza (served with garlic-less bread and broth ‘wine’) and lamb rogan josh (with rice, no-onion bajhi, and lassi) are all available for pet owners to order for free and give owners peace of mind.

The package also includes a rope toy to keep the boredom at bay, paw balm for paw-pampering, and a guide to dog-friendly programmes to watch on Fire TV.

“We believe that pets are important family members and deserve to enjoy a night in, just like their humans!” says Dave Ward, managing director of Ring UK. “We designed our Indoor Camera to keep you close to what’s important, even when you've popped out.”

Dog owners in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow can book the ‘treataways’ here over the weekend of 14 and 15 June.

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