Places in Canada to Get Free Food On Your Birthday in 2022

This year on your birthday, you should have your cake and eat it, too (for free!). Because when your birthday rolls around, wouldn’t it be great to enjoy a day filled of complimentary goodies? If you’re ready to treat yourself in 2022, then check out these popular Canadian establishments that will help you celebrate by […] The post Places in Canada to Get Free Food On Your Birthday in 2022 appeared first on Food Network Canada.

10+ Best Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

There's no denying turkey is the main event at everyone's Thanksgiving feast. Make one of our best-loved turkey recipes to ensure this year's bird is truly unforgettable. The post 10+ Best Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes appeared first on Reader's Digest Canada.

15 perfectly normal things that were scandalous 100 years ago

As we learn more about the way the world works, our beliefs regarding acceptable behavior change. At the turn of the 20th century, no one was expected to practice household recycling, for example. Nowadays it's almost shocking if someone doesn't separate their trash. Of course it can work the other way too, and many of today's common practices would have been horrifying back then. Check out this gallery to see which everyday occurrences would have shocked folks last century.

20 herbs & veggies that you can grow inside

If you got into gardening during the pandemic (come on, who didn’t?) you don’t have to stop just because the traditional growing season ended. In fact, numerous vegetables and herbs can be grown just as successfully indoors using either an indoor garden kit (such as an Aerogarden) or just a sturdy container, soil, and seeds.

The Padded Shoulders Trend Is the Ultimate Feminist Statement

It's the desire to pivot from power girl to lover girl.

Introducing Janus words: These puzzling words are their own opposites

Contranyms, or Janus words, are words with two opposite meanings, depending on the context in which they're used. Also known as antagonyms or auto-antonyms, these interesting words, of which there are at least more than a hundred, are nicknamed "Janus words" after the two-faced Roman god Janus, who was, among other things, the patron deity of transition and duality. Just like Janus, these words represent the beautiful duality and fluidity of language, where simple words can be used to express such a variety of ideas depending on their usage. Not only can knowing about contranyms help you with your vocabulary and word usage, it can also be a fun mind game figuring out all the different ways you can use everyday words. Curious? Read on to learn about some of the coolest contranyms in the English language.

7 Halloween Traditions In Canada That Only True Canucks Will Have Memories Of

Remember the pain of covering your costume with a winter jacket? 😅

Take Your Furry Friends For A Ride With The Pony Dog Bike

The Pony Dog Bike lets you ride around with your pup or any other small furry friend in tow.

Celebrity couples who don't live together

We've seen it time and again: celebrities date for a while, tie the knot, and move in together, as most couples do. But this is not the case for every couple, some celebrities included! In many cases, romantic partners live separately for practical reasons or because they appreciate their personal space, but for Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen, it's reportedly the result of marital issues. The power couple tied the knot in 2009 and have two children together, appearing to have the perfect life and relationship up until now. On September 15, sources told CNN that the pair were living separately amid rumors that they had hit a rough patch in their marriage. In an interview with ELLE published on September 13, Bündchen spoke openly about her concerns over Brady's decision to come out of retirement and return to the NFL earlier in the year. "This is a very violent sport, and I have my children and I would like him to be more present. I have definitely had those conversations with him over and over again," she revealed. In the same week, Brady told his 'Let's Go!' podcast co-host that he was reassessing his priorities, and hinted that he was coming to the end of his football career. He lamented that he hadn't been able to celebrate Christmas or Thanksgiving in 23 years and constantly missed birthdays, weddings, and funerals. “I think there comes a point in your life where you say: ‘You know what? I’ve had my fill and it’s enough and time to go on, to move into other parts of life.’” Fingers crossed the couple will soon find themselves reunited and back on the same page. Many other famous couples featured in this gallery have chosen not to live under the same roof, or have arrangements in place so they can spend some time apart for their own reasons. Maybe distance really does make the heart grow fonder? Click through and get to know the celebrity couples who live apart, together.

HARRY AND MEGHAN'S TEARFUL FAREWELL: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex say goodbye to the Queen

WATCH BELOW as Harry and Meghan The Duke & Duchess of Sussex attend the funeral for Harry’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth II. What do YOU think? Tweet and Facebook us! And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Capsule Closets Are The Future Of Fashion, According To Saint Laurent

Over the past few years, fashion has become a revolving door of trends and “aesthetics” that have relegated personal style to an afterthought. The approach has also made fashion’s rampant consumerism problem worse, suggesting that, in order to be stylish, people need to constantly change their wardrobes to meet TikTok’s algorithm. Saint Laurent’s latest show invited us all to say goodbye to that. On Tuesday, the house — currently led by creative...

How the Yellowhead Highway Helped Unite Western Canada

The fascinating origins of the 3,500-kilometre route that now spans four provinces and dozens of beautiful parks. The post How the Yellowhead Highway Helped Unite Western Canada appeared first on Reader's Digest Canada.

Just dogs doing weird things

20 essential tips for your best hair ever

Flip through the slideshow for 20 ways to end up with your best hair yet, from finding the right brush to cool water rinses that will make your hair look shinier than ever.

Bella, Gigi Hadid, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and other stars at the Milan Fashion Week

After two days missing, mountaineer Hilaree Nelson is found dead

Recreating Marilyn Monroe’s outfits in ‘Blonde’

SHOTLIST:RESTRICTION SUMMARY:FILM CLIPS ARE CLEARED FOR MEDIA BROADCAST AND/OR INTERNET USE IN CONJUNCTION WITH THIS STORY ONLY. NO RE-SALE. NO ARCHIVE. NETFLIX1. Trailer clip - "Blonde" ASSOCIATED PRESSLos Angeles, 14 September 20222. SOUNDBITE (English) Jennifer Johnson, Costume Designer:"And we couldn't obviously access the same fabrics, but it was really important to uphold the quality of construction to those original dresses. So they felt… they didn't feel like a cheap simulation or they didn't feel like a costume. It was really important that they felt like the real thing."NETFLIX3. Trailer clip - "Blonde" ASSOCIATED PRESSLos Angeles, 14 September 20224. SOUNDBITE (English) Jennifer Johnson, Costume Designer:"It's quite hard to find existing things. Vintage clothing is, you know, it's going away, it's out, it's literally evaporating from this planet. You know, as we know in our personal garments, things only lasts so long."NETFLIX5. Trailer clip - "Blonde" NETFLIX / ASSOCIATED PRESS++STILL IMAGE++6. This combination of photos shows Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe in a scene from "Blonde," left, and Marilyn Monroe posing on a subway grate while filming "The Seven Year Itch" in New York on Sept. 9, 1954. (Netflix via AP, left, AP Photo/Matty Zimmerman)ASSOCIATED PRESSLos Angeles, 14 September 20227. SOUNDBITE (English) Jennifer Johnson, Costume Designer:"And you really can luxuriate in the quality of the dress and the production of the dress. And I have this whole back story as the dress is slowly moving across the screen of how it was made. And it was so hard and we had a lot of failures. I think we went through about 50 yards of fabric because the pleating plating wasn't right. It looked great, but it wasn't. The molds were not designed correctly for the pleating. And so there was a lot of research and development and waste, you know, going into that. And it was so satisfying to kind of luxuriate on that"NETFLIX7. Trailer clip - "Blonde" ===========================================================Clients are reminded: (i) to check the terms of their licence agreements for use of content outside news programming and that further advice and assistance can be obtained from the AP Archive on: Tel +44 (0) 20 7482 7482 Email: [email protected](ii) they should check with the applicable collecting society in their Territory regarding the clearance of any sound recording or performance included within the AP Television News service (iii) they have editorial responsibility for the use of all and any content included within the AP Television News service and for libel, privacy, compliance and third party rights applicable to their Territory.

Queen Elizabeth as a pop icon

Millie Bobby Brown Pairs a Bra Top With Extreme Wide Leg Denim Cargos

Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi took their romance to Universal Studios on Tuesday, Sept.

25 Just-Right Jackets To Layer Up With In Cooler Weather

Summer's great and all, but after a couple months when the heat is raging and you're trudging through the humid air, it's normal to find yourself craving the crisp, cool weather and all the glory it holds. Lo and behold, fall weather has finally shown up and she's brought all her favorites with her such as cardigan sweaters and boots. However, we can't forget the beloved autumnal fashion classic: the jacket. Jackets (not to be confused with...

Modern living: Making the most of a tiny outdoor space

Even if you don’t have a sprawling backyard, there’s a lot you can do to maximize every inch of outdoor space. It all starts with making a plan, says landscape architect Ioana Teodorescu from Les Services Prime. “A designer can help you figure out: Do I want a modern, clean look with defined spaces or a very natural looking yard? Do I want curves, vegetation or a waterfall?” she says. From there, several elements can be drawn in to add depth and...

Kate Middleton Honors Princess Diana With a Sentimental Coat

Prince William and Kate Middleton visited Wales on Sept.

Virgo: Your daily horoscope - September 29

Virgo: here are your free predictions for the day September 29

The ranking of the five most loved pasta dishes by Italians

What are the five most loved pasta dishes by Italians? Here they are

20 home DIYs that will make your life easier

DIY projects tend to be pretty involved and complicated, but not all do-it-yourself moves involve a whole lot of work. Flip through the slideshow for 20 easy DIY hacks that will make your life easier, from multipurpose pool noodles to DIY ice packs.

See the adorable dogs available for adoption in Edmonton right now

Stacker compiled a list of dogs available for adoption in Edmonton, Alberta using listings from

Teeth Grinding is On the Rise—Here’s What You Can Do About It

Experts say stress may be behind an uptick in teeth grinding, a behaviour known as bruxism. Find out the best ways to minimize damage to your pearly whites—and beat bruxism for good. The post Teeth Grinding is On the Rise—Here’s What You Can Do About It appeared first on Reader's Digest Canada.

Kaley Cuoco Gave Her Emmys Dress a Massive Chop Before the Red Carpet

Kaley Cuoco tried out the Barbiecore trend on the Emmys red carpet, and she wasn't afraid to mix fashion packs for the special occasion.

The Looped Bun: A TikTok Tutorial For Every Hair Type

From ruffles and ruching to ‘laminated’ skin, London Fashion Week served up all manner of Instagram-worthy trends. It’s safe to say that nothing caught our eye quite like hair, though. It all began with street style. Hundreds of fashion-forward individuals descended on the city’s thoroughfares, showcasing cuts like the ‘Sachel‘ (a mix between the shag and the layered Rachel, inspired by Rachel from Friends), the U-shape haircut (an angled cut,...

How to Clean Silver: 12 Weird Tricks That Really Work

Make your tarnished silver and dull jewelry shine like new after a cleaning with these common household items. The post How to Clean Silver: 12 Weird Tricks That Really Work appeared first on Reader's Digest Canada.

Instead of red: 20 Pasta sauces that aren’t marinara

Don’t get us wrong, we love classic tomato marinara sauce, but once in a while you just want to switch things up—especially when you eat pasta as much as we do.

Why Does My Battery Keep Losing Its Charge?

If your car battery keeps losing its charge, don't ignore it. Here's why it happens and what you should do about it. The post Why Does My Battery Keep Losing Its Charge? appeared first on Reader's Digest Canada.

This NHL Team Owner Is Accused Of Abusing His Kids & Throwing His 5-Year-Old Across A Room

He has denied the allegations.

15 Polished Dresses For Your Courthouse Wedding, Including Lace and Satin Styles

Dressing for a courthouse wedding?

Shaquille O’Neal takes his Las Vegas palace off the market

Shaq has decided to keep his Vegas palace, having abruptly taken it off the market because of his son, who got a position with the NBA G League (Ignite) team based in North Vegas in Henderson. Here’s what this luxury residence looks like!

Signs you are being gaslighted, and how to deal with it

Gaslighting is unfortunately a very common phenomenon, and one that is very cruel. If you are not familiar with it, it is essentially a form of psychological manipulation, in which a person gradually makes another question their own memory, perception, or judgment. It is a particularly terrible thing to do to someone, especially if you're supposed to be in a trusting relationship with them. Take a look through the gallery to find out the signs of being gaslighted, and how to deal with it.

Today's trending cryptocurrencies: 5 cryptos which are topping search charts.

Today's trending cryptocurrencies: 5 cryptos which are topping search charts.Today's trending cryptocurrencies: 5 cryptos which are topping search charts.Today's trending cryptocurrencies: 5 cryptos which are topping search charts.Today's trending cryptocurrencies: 5 cryptos which are topping search charts.Today's trending cryptocurrencies: 5 crypt...

Toronto-bred ‘Heartland,’ 'Designated Survivor' actor Robert Cormier dead at 33

TORONTO — Robert Cormier, a Toronto-born actor whose credits include “American Gods" and the long-running CBC series “Heartland” has died at age 33. The funeral director at Ridley Funeral Home confirmed the death, but did not reveal a cause. An obituary on the funeral home's website said Cormier died on Sept. 23 and described him as “an athlete, an actor, and a great brother” whosememory will live on "through his passion for art and film."...

How To Create The Perfect Fall Capsule Closet

There comes a time when fashion’s rapid trend cycle starts to lose its appeal. The constant influx of new, new, new (shorter hemlines! trending colors! more prints!) is not only difficult to keep up with but also unsustainable for the planet. Enter: a capsule wardrobe made up of easy-to-style, versatile pieces that you can mix and match depending on the season. “My first personal application of a capsule wardrobe was for travel,” says stylist...

Gwyneth Paltrow turns 50: these are her most beautiful looks

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Demoted On Royal Family’s Website

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been demoted on the Royal Family’s website after stepping down as senior members in March 2020. Following the Queen’s death at age 96 on September 8, the website was updated; Harry and Meghan were pushed to the bottom of the list, just above the disgraced Prince Andrew. According to

Iconic meetings of celebrities with presidents and royalty

Can the world of entertainment live in harmony with the world of politics and state? There are some who believe they can, and the iconic images in this gallery serve as proof of this. Here you'll see celebrities sharing moments with politicians and royalty. Check out these legendary photos!

The First Urban Indigenous Ceremonial Grounds in Canada are Being Built in Edmonton

The first-ever urban Indigenous Ceremonial Grounds in Canada are in the process of being built in Edmonton’s river valley, Global News reports. Construction crews broke ground south of Fox Drive and Whitemud Drive on Treaty 6 territory to begin building kihciy askiy (pronounced “key-chee-ask-ee”). The location was selected in part for its historical and cultural significance. […] The post The First Urban Indigenous Ceremonial Grounds in Canada...

The steps needed to get a W Series graduate into F1

Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali grabbed the headlines recently when he suggested that it would likely be at least another five years before a woman could get in to grand prix racing.

Meet Rising Canadian-Born Designer, Paolina Russo

How the rising designer is transforming old memories and childhood relics into futuristic fashion.

Cher appears at Balmain finale at Paris Fashion Week

PARIS (AP) — Paris Fashion Week roared into full gear Wednesday with atmospherics and excitement over Balmain’s evening fashion-music festival spectacular — a star-studded charity concert featuring the latest fashions, members of the public and performances. That included a finale walk from none other than Cher. Here are some highlights of spring-summer 2023 shows. CHER AND BAL-MANIA Olivier Rousteing proved he is one of global fashion’s biggest...

How a Montreal Couple Built a Cottage on a Quaint Quebec Acreage

It was 2020 when Mark Smith, a marketing director, and Leigh Partington, a high school teacher, had the opportunity to purchase a piece of family history. Leigh grew up in Georgeville, a small English enclave on the shores of Lake Memphremagog in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, where her kin had resided for 200 years, including her […] The post How a Montreal Couple Built a Cottage on a Quaint Quebec Acreage appeared first on HGTV Canada.

She's Startin': Dua Lipa Strolls Through NYC in $3,000 Pantaleggings With Attached Heels

Love 'em or hate 'em, pantaleggings have snuck their way into the fashion zeitgeist, and Dua Lipa's latest streetwear look might have just convinced us that the controversial legging-heel combo is worth a strut.

Trendy Loafers That Will Make You Look Really Sophisticated

Alas, one of the most comfortable shoes from the early 2000s is trending again. Loafers are super versatile because you can wear them to the office and at brunch with the girls. A play on a classic, this sophisticated footwear can go with almost any outfit aesthetic you’re going for. Though they may seem like a similar replica of what you wore back in the day, this wave of revamped pieces are definitely ones to be even more obsessed with. From statement pendants of glossy oversized chains to blocked heels giving you that added elevation. We’ve got you covered with our picks of the eight most sophisticated loafers to have.

Hill House Home’s New Outerwear Collection Is All About The Intricate Details

While nap dresses reigns Hill House Home in the warmer months, there is a new line designed to take over for fall and winter. Yes, if you heard the rumors, they’re true: Hill House Home just launched an outerwear collection. Now, you can frolic down the street while the leaves fall in gemstone quilted coats and gorgeous floral-print puffer jackets. We’re telling you the lavish quilted coats are perfect for creating flawless transitional outfits....