The hanger also organizes belts, scarves, undergarments, and more.

Closets and wardrobes are notorious for requiring regular purges to keep them from overflowing. However, smart storage solutions can help alleviate the issue of limited space and keep you from having to let go of beloved clothes and accessories for the sake of having enough room. One such solution, the Zedodier Purse Hanger, fits up to six purses in the space it would take to hang one—and it’s only $7.

The clever metal hanger has three tiers of two generously sized hooks, totaling six spaces for purses in one vertical spot. Whether you’re looking to hang totes, satchels, crossbody bags, or more, the hanger fits all types of purses. One five-star reviewer who redid their closets and decided to utilize these hangers for their purses wrote, “It saves us so much space and holds quite a bit.”

To buy: $7;

It measures 5.9 inches wide by 14.9 inches tall, so the hanger itself takes up very little closet space. The metal hanger holds up to 30 pounds, so unless your bags are incredibly full, you can store purses without having to empty their contents every time. It also comes in multiple colors: silver, black, pink, and rose gold. 

Protecting your bags and purses is just as important as having space to store them. You don’t want your purses to get squished, damaged, or lose their shape. Thanks to the hanger’s tiered design, there’s designated space for each purse—no cramming or squishing necessary. 

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Beyond bags, the versatile hanger can also be used to store ties, delicates, belts, and other tricky-to-hang closet essentials. Customers have found different uses for the multipurpose hanger, like one shopper who “​​wanted something that didn’t take up a lot of space in the closet” and uses the hanger to hold “belts and also to hang [their] bathrobes.”

For only $7 at Amazon, you can free up coveted closet space with the Zedodier Purse Hanger.

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