City living has its perks, but all the commotion and concrete can also be draining – leading many urban dwellers to seek out the tranquillity of the best resorts in Ontario for restful and rejuvenating getaways. But what if you could make the exclusive amenities, luxuries, and stunning surroundings of a wellness-focused resort your second home?

Located in Haliburton County and just two-and-a-half hours from Toronto, NOMI Resort is the perfect four-season Ontario resort for a relaxing getaway from the city. Now, with a range of resort-style condominiums, urban loft villas, and recreational dwellings available for purchase, NOMI Resort Residences give owners more than just a private oasis to call home. From awe-inspiring natural landscapes to access to luxe personalized services, let’s explore 10 of the many unique features and amenities that set NOMI residences apart from city homes.