Sorry Barbie, there’s no time to party. The casual summer hijinks are over, and it’s time to hunker down and get back to normal. While that entails a return to more stringent schedules sans afternoon cocktails, it doesn’t mean the home office has to be a snore. Inject some fun into yours with these ultra-fashionable finds that are sure to boost your surroundings.

Stylize your tech

Recently while shopping for desktop technology, I noticed that many manufacturers are offering colours and styles that blend seamlessly into a home’s decor. A brassie gold monitor, purple wireless speakers and chic sage green desk pads are some spiffy pieces that caught my eye. This makes it easy to customize the desktop and inject designer style into your working environment.

I was impressed by the Logitech Slim Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo in soft rose pink, $70,, though perhaps it was because I had Barbie on the brain having recently seen the flick.

The gadget is slim and modern with low-profile keys and a tactile mouse for easy ergonomic clicking. And it’s quieter, making for a mellow and cool experience — all in distinct colours.

Choose a matching skin for your mobile device or splat a co-ordinating paint colour on the wall behind your desk and you’ve got a harmonious room any doll — even Ken — would love. Just be sure it’s pink!

Share and share alike

The home office is often absorbed into other main areas of the house. In my case, I’ve carved a little corner between my kitchen and living room that keeps me connected to the main-floor goings on — and my work besties: my coffee maker and fridge. Some people convert an extra room into their home office. When guests come over, they cover their desk to welcome friends.

In this case, one great option is to pick up a convertible sofa that turns into a bed as needed. Futons or sofa beds eat up less floor space than even a regular twin-sized bed. The Mainstays Memory Foam Futon , $299, Walmart, is a smart-looking piece that helps you get the most out of your space, whether it’s taking a break from the desk to read during the day, watching television at night or accommodating overnight guests. The black faux suede upholstery is durable and the memory foam base ensures a comfortable sleep. The hardest part of setting up a home office/guest room? Leaving space in the closet for guests to hang their clothing. Oh, and the temptation of long afternoon fall naps.

Shed some stylish light

I’m a stickler when it comes to incorporating useful accessories into rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms and home offices. They must be purposeful and practical, but also blend into the room’s decor. In a home office, the storage must be attractive enough to match the rest of the interior. Lamps should not just be workhorses, but also stylishly meld into a room. Desk chairs, window blinds and bulletin boards all fall under my designer rule book, too.

I love browsing the aisles at HomeSense for just such accessories. So many decorative and useful pieces! Their fall table lighting (which starts at $49) offers directional desk lighting, with attractive styles and finishes that blend in to a room’s colour scheme and style. And, they’re lightweight and easy enough to transport from desk to end table to use as a bedside lamp.

Things to look for: metallic finishes that match curtain rods and drawer pulls, colours that match throw pillows and bedding.

A well-lit co-ordinated office is one that will bring beauty and joy to work every day.

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