Country-style decorating is by far the most popular. Wonderfully worry-free, the look is casual and eclectic because it embraces durable decor that gets more charming over time, nicks and all. As with all decorating trends, country style has evolved.

These days everyone’s talking about “cottagecore,” a rural esthetic rooted in lost skills such as sewing clothes, baking, gardening and living a slower-paced, green life. But you don’t have to shack up in a Laura Ingalls setting to incorporate this homey look. Cottagecore decorating is so likable it fits into nearly every interior — even a tech-connected city home. Here’s three ways to incorporate the look.

Make it charming

I often equate country style with painted furniture. Paint is the magic ingredient that allows you to dramatically transform a dated, wooden dresser that has great form into something spectacular — a new dresser to brighten up the guest room, or a fantastic sideboard for the front hall or dining room. Painting furniture gives new life to a previously unloved piece, and also layers colour into your home without painting the four walls. In terms of colour, black feels too sophisticated and chic for a cottage-country look. And white is super predictable.

Opt for fun, earthy hues such as mustard, brick red or bronzey ginger-ale-bottle green to add a designer touch and interesting colour. Got lots of golden-toned woods in your home? Complement them with green- or blue-painted furniture pieces to cool things down. And that 1980s golden oak-panelled kitchen? It’s not ready for the landfill just yet. Extend its life with paint. If you’re a true farmer, you’ll paint it yourself. The rest of usccity slickers can ring up a company that can prepare and spray the kitchen a new cottage-inspired colour. The wow factor is worth it. Try: Beautitone Cabinet & Furniture Interior Acrylic Paint

Put country to good use

Sometimes the most authentic items around our house are not only the most useful, but also the most decorative and can help set a stylish mood. Vintage linen tea towels are one example. Nothing wipes water droplets off dishes better than well-worn linen. (Remember, embracing the country lifestyle might mean saying goodbye to the dishwasher). Or put your new-found sewing skills to the test and turn a vintage linen tea towel into beautiful café curtains — they look divine on a mud room door or along the kitchen window.

Since green living is part of the cottagecore lifestyle, you’ll need to pick up natural cleaning supplies such as Castile soap, bristle brushes and cornbrooms. The lot are excellent for cleaning and make an eye-catching display. Hang brooms, brushes and dustpans on a mud room wall — you’ll enjoy their beauty and they’ll act as a reminder to stick to your cleaning schedule. Try: LIBMAN Heavy Duty Extra Wide Corn Broom with Steel Handle

I think there’s nothing more beautiful than antique Mason jars. Ripple glass or subtly tarnished clear glass with bubbles is loaded in charm. Drop some tea lights in the bottom and then line them up on an outdoor dining table or along the window ledge for nighttime sparkle. Tip: Add a couple of tablespoons of water to the bottom of your jars and when the wax melts it won’t stick to the bottom. It’ll pop right out.

Accessorize cottage country

Country decorating can take on many forms — French country, cottage or cabin are just a few. Choosing the right accessories helps to define the overall look of a room or entire home. For a rustic feel, establish a cabin vibe with subtle fishing, hunting or snowshoeing accessories. For an elegant feel, think chalet or French country and add gold gilt, black iron and a few lost antiques to hit a formal note. Designing for a child that loves fishing or spending time at the pond? Accessorize their room with fishing fly or oar-motif bedding or wallpaper and add vintage tackle boxes as unique storage for desktop supplies. Try: Eddie Bauer Eddies Oar Sheet Set

Whichever country mood you set, one of the easiest ways to achieve an overall look is through artwork, upholstered furniture, bedding and dishes. If you cover those off with your fave theme, you’re well on your way to a completed space that will transport you to the country.

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