Stop ‘Pretending You Are 40’—and Other Retirement Advice We Get From Readers

Should we move to Kansas? What stuff should we throw away? Are we too worried about money? Readers have plenty to say about our monthly concerns.

Latinos Try Sri Lankan Food

Pero Like's very own Sri Lankan Monica, shared her culture with the team and showed them how to eat with their hands!

How a Calgary organization is boosting seniors' mental health through makeovers

To mark Seniors' Week, the Bridge to Oasis Foundation has been giving seniors from African and Caribbean backgrounds makeovers at a mall just north of Calgary. Organizers say the initiative aims to help combat loneliness, boost mental health and make seniors in their community feel special again.

All I wanted from a babymoon was peace and good food and this UK destination delivered

How to lose weight after 50: Effective tips

Losing weight after the age of 50 can be challenging as the majority of processes in the body tend to slow down. However, the most difficult task is shedding excess weight in specific areas of the body, such as the abdomen. RBC-Ukraine, citing the nutrition publication Eat This Not That, shares effective tips for weight loss in older age. More fibe...

World-famous wine region named one of best sober traveller destinations

Are seniors being pressured into retirement homes by lack of community services?

Ads for retirement homes often feature an older couple relaxing in comfortable surroundings, playing a board game or enjoying a meal with friends. They look well — and young for their age — with broad smiles and perfect silver hair. These ads offer worry-free, active retirement living at its fullest, complete with delicious and nutritious food. It looks like a wonderful lifestyle choice. But is it really a lifestyle choice? Or, is it imposed...

Super Talented Builder Creates an Amazing Tiny House for His Family – FULL TOUR

This is a stunning 300-square-foot jungle tiny home on wheels with a screened-in porch/lanai that provides an additional 300 square feet of covered living space. It's located in Kaua'i, Hawai'i, and was built by Jack for his family of 4 (soon to be 5!). He is an incredible natural builder with over 22 years of experience and the majority of the materials he uses are reclaimed, sustainable, and invasive species like albizia trees. Not only do we get a tour of this jungle home, but we also get a peek at some of Jack's previous builds, including a skoolie conversion, the wave tiny house, and his latest project which is a tiny house on wheels that he will be donating to a family in Lahaina who was affected by the Maui wildfire. You can donate to the fundraiser here: And you can follow and find out more about Sol Projex here: A special thank you to the videographers and photographers who shared their footage with us so that we could make this video! Their social media links are in the credits below! Thank you, Marcos, Timothy, Dylan, and Jack :) Thanks for watching! ------------------------------------------------------------- STAY IN TOUCH! ------------------------------------------------------------- Website: Facebook: Instagram: ------------------------------------------------------------- COMMENTS ------------------------------------------------------------- We want our channel and comments section to be an inclusive space where everyone feels welcome to watch and contribute. For this reason, inappropriate or hateful comments will be reported and/or deleted. Please discuss and debate respectfully, and report inappropriate or hateful comments directly to YouTube. ------------------------------------------------------------- CREDITS ------------------------------------------------------------- Music Credit: Exploring Alternatives Editing Credit: Exploring Alternatives Filming Credits: Marcos Almandoz Timothy Hennessy Dylan Lazo Jack Whitfield #junglehouse #tinyhouse #maui

What to do if you wake up at night and can't get back to sleep, according to expert

Getting a decent night's sleep is important for our health, but a lot of us don't get the recommended eight hours. Three-quarters of Brits get less than eight hours of sleep, while one in six get by on less than six hours each night, according to YouGov. Meanwhile across the pond, over 17 per cent of adults had trouble staying asleep most days or e...

Crafting a Stylish Family Furniture Set: A Woodworking Masterpiece

★ Contact Me:[email protected] Embark on a journey of creativity with our latest YouTube video as we guide you through the process of crafting a stylish family furniture set. Join us in this woodworking adventure as we transform raw materials into a contemporary masterpiece that will elevate your home decor. From design inspiration to hands-on construction, discover the joy of DIY home furnishing and add a touch of modern elegance to your living space. Watch as we bring your vision to life and inspire you to embark on your own woodworking projects. Don't miss out on the opportunity to turn your home into a haven of comfort and style – it's time to unleash your inner craftsman! Do you have an idea, a project to work on or a proposal? Please leave a comment below. We will do it for you. ★Thank for watching! ★Please like, share, and subscribe our Channel here : #WoodworkingSkill

Polish city among top 5 in Europe for highest life quality: Unique features

In a new ranking of European cities where people are most satisfied with their lives, Poland's Gdansk is in the top 5. The city is also one of the best for living with small children and for migrants. The study took into account all the amenities - from the work of transport and organizations to street cleanliness and safety, according to ...

The Problem With Low Maintenance Friendships

Marisa* is Ruby Bennett’s best friend, but Ruby, 18, struggles to feel close to her. They have known each other for years, but Marisa, who didn’t want us to use her last name, rarely opens up to Ruby when she has a problem. Often, they’ll go weeks without speaking. “We still know we are best friends, because it’s just something that won’t change with time,” says Ruby. “But it does cause a certain amount of unease as I never know when she wants...

Tempted to try a no-buy year? Here are tips from people doing it

NEW YORK (AP) — The rules of a no-buy challenge are self-imposed and simple: Make a list of the non-essential items you won't spend money on for a set period of time and stick to it. Easier said than done.

How To Style Capri Pants, The Most Divisive Trend Of The Summer

.disclaimerwidth:90%;margin-bottom:1rem.disclaimer__lineswidth:100%;margin:0 auto;border-bottom:1px solid #999;padding:0;max-width:150px.disclaimer__copywidth:100%;max-width:355px;font-family:Brown Regular,sans-serif;font-size:.9rem;font-weight:300;line-height:1.3em;color:#333;padding:0 0 .4rem;margin:1rem auto;text-align:center All linked products are independently selected by our editors. If you purchase any of these products, we may earn a...

How to rock athletic pants, longer shorts and yacht-inspired fashion

Fashion expert Natalie Sexton shows us how to wear this season's trickiest trends, from dressed-up athletic pants to yacht-inspired looks. Plus, get a money-saving tip to make the most of your trend pieces to elevate your style with ease!

Less alcohol, or none at all, is one path to better health

It’s wine time. Beer Thirty. Happy hour. Five o’clock somewhere. Maybe it's also time to rethink drinking? Moderate drinking was once thought to have benefits for the heart, but better research methods have thrown cold water on that. “Drinking less is a great way to be healthier,” said Dr. Timothy Naimi, who directs the Canadian Institute for Subst...

Benefits, fees, hidden perks: Choosing the right credit card for your lifestyle

Critical to building a credit history, credit cards are a rite of passage into financial adulthood. Even if you’re debt-phobic or have heard too many horror stories of people maxing out their cards, you can’t skip this step. Cindy Marques, certified financial planner and director at Open Access Ltd., had one client in their 30s preparing to buy a h...

Family Builds Amazing Mountain CABIN in Just 9 Months | Start to Finish by @woodjunkie_yt

In a world increasingly defined by urban sprawl and digital connectivity, the allure of nature's serenity beckons many to seek solace in the rustic charm of off-grid living. For one enterprising 24-year-old couple, their shared passion for carpentry and reverence for nature converged into a remarkable endeavor: the construction of an off-grid cabin. The Wood Junkie's project, borne of love and dedication, embodies not only the fulfillment of a dream but also a commitment to environmental stewardship and the pursuit of sustainable living. Are you ready to move? We are going straight to the nature! WOOD JUNKIE Instagram: Youtube: Email: [email protected] Other: Other2: Disclaimer: Quantum Tech HD is not affiliated with the businesses whose products are shown in this review. Any trademarks depicted are the property of their respective owners.

Eating disorders in adolescents

The Canadian Paediatric Society has released new guidelines urging primary-care providers to screen all adolescent patients during routine checkups or other medical visits. Joining us is Dr. Holly Agostino of the Montreal Children's Hospital at McGill University's Health Centre.

I live in a tiny home mansion and fell in love with it — it's the only way I could afford to live in California

She moved into a tiny-home mansion to afford to live in California. Stacey Murphy can now live there and afford more luxuries.

Picture this: Taking photos of food can improve your diet

The study found the accuracy of the nutritional intake was far higher for the group that had taken photos of what they ate, compared to participants who were asked to remember what they had eaten.

Alberta research team creating maps to track health impacts of climate change

A team at the University of Alberta is layering data to display which communities are more or less vulnerable to the health impacts of climate change. Emily Mertz explains.

This is Why People in Costa Rica Live Longer than Anywhere Else in the World

Continuous Glucose Monitor from Signos use Code FEB15 Why do People in Costa Rica Live so Long? This video does contain a paid partnership with a brand that helps to support this channel. It is because of brands like this that we are able to provide the content that we do for free. Click HERE to Subscribe: Please check out the new Shorts channel, DeLauer Clips and Workouts, here: Please Subscribe to my Email Newsletter Here: Follow More of My Daily Life on Instagram: References https://o

20 timeless decor ideas for any home

Flip through the gallery for 20 timeless decor ideas for any home, from finding the right furniture to tying your space together with the perfect scent.

Eating for two? Here’s what you need to know

Proper nutrition during pregnancy is critical and important for you and the fetus. What's right, what's wrong? Here are some important guidelines.

I tried living 'La Dolce Vita' - and Italians have got it all right

Living ‘La Dolce Vita’ has become synonymous with Italian culture, good vibes, and embracing life’s luxuries. Translating to ‘the sweet life’, there’s little wonder that those hailing from Venice to Sicily are living longer, more fulfilled lives (have you ever met a Nonna that isn’t full of energy?) - and that we should all be striving for the same...

Golfing, gardening may be linked to ALS risk

Research published in the Journal of Neurological Sciences earlier this year found that outdoor recreational activities, such as golfing, woodworking and hunting may increase a person’s likelihood of developing amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), especially among men.

8 reasons you feel tired all the time and what you can do about it

14 things Brits living in the US miss most about the UK

Short on cash? Tips on how to plan a getaway on the cheap

With summer fast approaching, some may be hoping to get away on the cheap as the higher cost of living takes a bigger bite out of household budgets.

Young couple renovating mid-century modern West Van home draws in millions of viewers

Jenna Phipps and Nick Volkov are renovating a home in West Vancouver. Phipps posts on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok where millions of people follow their progress.

68-year-old who ‘un-retired’ shares the 4 biggest retirement myths 'more people need to talk about'

After an unfulfilling retirement, 68-year-old George Jerjian unretired and started his own company. He shares the most important lessons that most retirees don't talk about.

4 Types of Food to Limit If You Have Type 2 Diabetes

What you put on your plate, and in your mouth, can make a huge difference in controlling your diabetes.

Semaglutide medication's like Ozempic contribute to heart health, study finds

Semaglutide medications can help patients with more than just diabetes according to new research. The SELECT trial found drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy can also improve heart health and long-term weight loss. Doctors call it a breakthrough finding as work continues to understand the full scope of the drugs' benefits. Health Reporter Katherine Ward has more.

Minimalist Couple Living in a Small 400 ft² Apartment with Clever Storage Ideas – FULL TOUR

Tina and Rob downsized to a 400-square-foot apartment so they could afford to get into the housing market. They've been living in this space for 3 years and have become masters at downsizing, organizing, and playing Tetris with their stuff to create a comfortable, functional home that has a minimalist and spacious feel without feeling cluttered. They put a lot of thought and intention into every aspect of their home and came up with some beautiful interior design ideas as well as some clever storage and organization hacks in each space, from the kitchen and living room to the bathroom and bedroom. We've gotten so many great ideas after taking a peek inside their little condo for two! You can follow and find out more about Tina & Rob's Small Space Big Life project here: Living in a small space isn't easy, and it requires a lot of discipline to keep the space clean and uncluttered. One of the things Tina and Rob do to prevent things from piling up is a one-in, one-out rule. So if they're bringing something new into the apartment, they have to get rid of something to make space for it. But some of the benefits of living small are undeniable, it's more affordable, it's simple, and it can reduce your environmental impact if it means you use less electricity, buy fewer things, have less space to heat and cool, etc. We hope you enjoyed this video! We have a playlist with some other great small apartment tours if you want to check them out here: Thanks for watching! ------------------------------------------------------------- STAY IN TOUCH! ------------------------------------------------------------- Website: Facebook: Instagram: ------------------------------------------------------------- COMMENTS ------------------------------------------------------------- We want our channel and comments section to be an inclusive space where everyone feels welcome to watch and contribute. For this reason, inappropriate or hateful comments will be reported and/or deleted. Please discuss and debate respectfully, and report inappropriate or hateful comments directly to YouTube. ------------------------------------------------------------- CREDITS ------------------------------------------------------------- Music Credit: Exploring Alternatives Editing Credit: Exploring Alternatives Filming Credit: Tina and Rob from Small Space Big Life #smallspace #apartmenttour #condotour

6 common cottage allergies (and how to beat them)

Ah, the cottage. All that sunshine and fresh air. And trees, with their pollen. And stinging insects. And—be honest—a little mould in the basement. This stuff can get annoying for … Continued

11 foods (and drinks) to add to your diet if you want to live longer

10 Daily Habits of People Who Age Well

Boost longevity with these doctor-recommended lifestyle choices.

Being a grandma in your 30s comes with 'guilt' — but I won't give up my career

'It's challenging finding a balance between myself, being a mum and a grandmother.'

Life on the island that was taken over by hippies who lived in caves

No worries, Gen Z! I hated the 9-to-5 work schedule, too. This simple mindset shift changed everything.

Gen Z is sounding off about the exhaustion of corporate jobs. A longtime CEO explains how they can manage a 9-to-5 work schedule they hate with a simple mindset shift.

I live on a cruise ship — here’s how much I spend each month

How Buryats live in Russia? Life in wild forest Taiga. Village far from civilization.

How Buryats live in Russia? Life in wild forest Taiga. Village far from civilization. The Buryats, a people living in the Irkutsk region, have a rich and developed culture, the traditions of which go back to ancient times. The life of the Buryats is inextricably linked with nature and crafts. The Buryats were engaged in animal husbandry, mainly raising cattle and horses. They learned to grow Siberian potatoes, cucumbers, cabbage and many other vegetables and fruits, using the rich natural resources of the region. In addition to agriculture, a number of Buryats adhered to crafts. In the highlands of the Irkutsk region, the Buryats still produce hides, meat and other products, which are used both for personal needs and for sale. These types of industries are an important part of the Buryat culture and are passed on from generation to generation. We are interested in learning how our ancestors lived, to study their traditions and to master ancient crafts and meals. We travel to different regions of Russia and show you how people live in Russian remote villages. Real Village, not embellished real life as it is. We will show you the usual village life and cuisine of different nations. We are the ULENGOVS. Welcome to our channel! Many of you have noticed that the sounds (asmr) from our videos are very relaxing, help you fall asleep from insomnia and calm your mind. We are glad to be of service to you. Our other Videos: Russian NOMADS Life in TUNDRA. North of RUSSIA. Nenets everyday life. - North Nomads life in winter. Ural mountains and tundra life. Russia. Full film. - Life in Russian Tundra. How people survive in Far North of Russia. Life in Russia today - How reindeer nomads survive in Far North of Russia. Life in Russia today. Russian Tundra - Nomad family with mother survive in Far North in Russia. Life in Russia today. Russian Tundra. - Woman lives alone in Taiga forest in abandoned village. Far from civilization. - The life in severe conditions of the North. How people live in Russia today. - Happy elderly couple lives in the taiga forest far from civilization. Life in Russian villages - Women live in wild forest village far from civilization. Veps nation of Russia. How people live - The village life of an elderly couple in a mountain village represents a unique rural life. These old men who live their lives on top of the mountain have experienced a lot and have become an iconic image of village life. They are an example of hard life in the mountains and show how people live in harsh conditions. One of the features of the life of an old couple in a mountain village is traditional food and village cooking. They are prepared only from natural products collected around their village. This country food is full of flavor and organic, making it super delicious. The rural inhabitants of the mountain village have been accustomed for many years to a harsh lifestyle that they have chosen themselves. In village life films we show how their daily life goes and how they try to maintain their traditional way of life. Life in the Russian and Ukrainian mountains has its own characteristics. Mountains surround the village on all sides, isolating it from the outside world. People living in such remote villages are accustomed to a hard life. One of the village women living in the mountains is herself alone in the desert. She talks about how she lives in a mountain valley in an ancient village and what difficulties she overcomes every day. Here is a story about how people live in Ukraine, Russia and other remote wild places of the world. Daily life in the mountains requires a special lifestyle. People living in such remote villages are accustomed to a primitive life; they live far from civilization. Their village lifestyle is full of its own unique atmosphere. Documentaries about village life allow you to learn more about the daily life of their inhabitants. They show how people live in the mountains and how they cook food over a fire. Traditional village life is relaxing and creates an atmosphere of peace. One of the couples living in the mountains are elderly people who live on their own. They share their stories and talk about details of their lives. They chose this life to enjoy nature and live away from noisy civilization. Village life in Afghanistan also has its own characteristics. Historical and cultural villages in Russia also show the mountain, Tundra, Taiga lifestyle. These places immerse you in the daily life of the village people and allow you to experience natural farming and traditional cooking.

6 thoughts and actions that only amplify anxiety and worry

Not to worry and be nervous is absolutely normal, albeit very unpleasant. But sometimes anxiety and concern can be so toxic that it hinders one's ability to carry on with daily activities. Our habits and thoughts can exacerbate the situation. Huffpost shares habits that intensify our anxiety and worry. Black-and-white thinking It is also known as "...

How My Locs Journey Taught Me To Treat My Hair (And Myself) Better

As a little Dominican girl, I envied long, flowing hair — my mother’s and aunt’s beautiful soft wavy hair as well as my sister’s thick curls. I had kinkier, tighter coils that I wished were more manageable to untangle and style. At 9, I got my first relaxer for school pictures. As the white creamy mixture sat atop my virgin hair, the tingling sensation of my scalp signified the end of my childhood with kinky hair and the beginning of my life’s...

A retiree explains his path to achieve happiness and counter loneliness. It can work at any age and doesn't cost a penny.

Joe Lamy is surviving on Social Security, but his focus isn't on money. It's on the loneliness epidemic, and he thinks he might've found a solution.

Millennial Money: The evolution of retirement - and what it might mean for you

Now that retirement spans more years than ever, you might need to rethink how you’re envisioning that stage of your life. Although Americans are retiring a little later than they did 30 years ago, they’re also living longer. Retirement isn’t a blip on the life radar — it’s a significant chunk of time. While your parents may have retired and never w...

The Bonsai Tiny House: Spectacular Design In An Ultra Small Home

Download June’s Journey for free by clicking the link: June’s Journey is available on Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as on PC through Facebook Games. In this weeks episode we visit an inspiring, ultra compact tiny home in France which is absolutely packed full of amazing design ideas. Within the world of architecture, nothing encourages innovation and ingenuity like limited area and this tiny house is a brilliant example of just how much function can be fit into a small space! The home also boasts some really neat features such as bike storage and even a climbing wall! We hope you enjoy the tour! You can follow Yann and his tiny house adventures here: If you enjoy our show and would like to help support our work, please consider supporting us on Patreon: Our Socials and Links: Find out more about this tiny house and others on our website: Please subscribe for more videos on tiny houses, architecture, DIY, design, and sustainable, off-grid living. Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langston Filmed bv: Gabrielle Vnd ( Editing by: Gabrielle Vnd & Rasa Pescud Title music in this video by Bryce Langston: 'Living Big in a Tiny House' © 2024 Zyia Pictures Ltd #tinyhouse #architecture #homedesign

Anti-sunscreen claims circulating online spark criticism

Beauty expert Christine Cho helps us explore the trend of the anti-sunscreen movement. Discover the risks involved and learn about innovative products designed to provide sun protection without compromising skin health. From mineral to facial sunscreens, travel-friendly options, and convenient touch-up solutions, Christine shares essential tips for maintaining radiant skin while staying safe in the sun.

Who should give up coffee to not harm health: Nutritionist's advice

The benefits and drawbacks of coffee continue to be a topic of debate among medical professionals. Undoubtedly, like any product, this beverage can be harmful to some and beneficial to others in terms of well-being, according nutritionist Anastasiia Holoborodko. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach "The stomach has numerous ways to protect itself. I...